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…and are willing to share it with people that want to RP :)

Laptop fixed.  

:) Got a new hard drive. And bought an external hard drive just in case. I’ll be back by the end of this upcoming week. –Raquel


My laptop fried. Completely. I don’t know when I’ll be getting a new one so my being on will be sparse until then.

How can a man who wishes to defy social conventions and rise above his station, deny the same thing in the woman he loves?.

draculahs said:
dsfafdas i am so pleased with you blog, seriously. like i've been obsessed with bram stokers dracula for years, and as if that wasn't enough this goddam show comes. and your blog is brilliant.

Thank you so much, love! I have to say I love your blog, too. :)

Anonymous said:
I understand about real life piling up but will you be returning to rp as Alexander Grayson?

Yes, I will! Like I said, my off days are Thursdays and Fridays so that’s when I have time to respond to paras and participate in gif chats. :) —Raquel